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Building better customer relationships with product knowledge training

Strong customer relationships are among your company’s greatest assets. Brands with an exceptional customer experience bring in 5.7 times more than their competitors who don’t invest in customer relations.

And keeping your customers is essential to your revenue, as it’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to obtain a new customer than to retain a current one.

There are reams of statistics on how vital positive customer relationships are to your business. But even if you’re convinced that the customer experience is essential, you may need help providing a good one.

Product training for your customers can be a powerful customer relations tool. It can make your clients feel supported and empowered to use your products and go a long way in building positive customer relations. Below, we’ll explore how product knowledge training can boost customer loyalty and help you increase revenue as a result.

What is product knowledge training?

Product knowledge training, sometimes shortened to “product training,” is training designed for your customers to understand your products better and how to use them more effectively.

Product training is usually delivered through a learning management system (LMS) – like LearnRight! An LMS is a great way to provide product training because it:

  • Allows learners to choose topics that are relevant to their knowledge gaps
  • Is accessible from anywhere, anytime, so it suits every client’s schedule
  • Enables your company to gate courses or require learners to take specific courses first
  • Allows your company to offer product certifications

In an LMS, you can create courses from instruction manuals or slide decks, add videos to show your products in action, or include images or links that explain your products in detail.

Building eLearning courses lets your customers know that positive customer relations are a priority for your company. With an LMS, you can provide learning that strengthens and solidifies your customer relationships.

Showcase your product and your stellar customer service

At the beginning of the sales cycle, product training can impress potential customers by showing them that you value customer relations. They’ll know that, after they purchase your products, they will be supported if they have trouble using them.

When you offer product training, you communicate to potential customers that you intend to build a relationship with them. You’re not a fly-by-night operation that will be happy to sell a product and disappear. You’re investing in supportive and empowering customer relationships, and customers’ comfort with your products is a priority for your company.

Boost sales with an informed sales team

Product training isn’t just for customers. Your entire sales team can benefit from product training, from new hires to seasoned sales reps.

When your sales team understands your products thoroughly, they can sell them better. They’re more prepared for customer questions and sound more informed when giving explanations.

The sales team can use your product training as a sales benefit, reminding prospects that customer relations is a priority for your company and showcasing how you have invested in customer relations.

Your sales team will be more confident in customer interactions when they know your products well. And prospects are more likely to buy from confident, informed sales reps.

Onboard new customers with ease

It is essential to support a new customer after the ink has just dried on their contract or purchase. Without support, customers will feel abandoned, causing their customer experience to plummet and making them regret their purchase.

Your sales team may be focusing on their next sale, but you can still onboard your customers to give them a foundation for success with product training via your LMS.

Product training in an LMS requires that you create each course only once. After that, courses can be used to onboard new customers for years to come.

You can define learning journeys so that your customers are automatically led through the proper product training at the right time. You can even monitor their learning progress with analytics and reporting tools.

And with messaging features in the LMS, customers who get stuck can email your team straight away, so they never feel abandoned or unsupported. Instead, they’ll convert to loyal customers, telling their network about your commitment to meeting customer expectations.

Troubleshoot and support customers better

You can offer excellent customer service even if you don’t have a customer service team with product training in an LMS.

Product training materials are organised into a library of helpful product knowledge resources that customers can access whenever they need them. It’s like offering dedicated personal assistance to every customer, no matter when they need help.

If you have a customer service department, you can streamline it with product training.

When your customers have access to product training, they’re more informed about how your product works and better able to describe problems when they encounter them. That makes it easier for your team to understand customer problems quicker and troubleshoot them faster.

Build customer loyalty and customer retention

Boosting your customers’ product knowledge improves your customer retention. When your customers feel confident using your products and supported when they have questions, they’re more likely to renew their contracts or buy from you again.

Product training can also help your company “land and expand” with your current customers, as departments who use your products will talk to other departments about how you’ve solved their problems and invested in their success.

Customer loyalty is vital to your revenue, and it’s a smart move in customer relationship management. Product training builds customer trust and shows them you’re committed to a lasting, supportive customer relationship.

Use LearnRight to improve customer satisfaction

You can explore how product training helps you improve customer satisfaction and build lasting customer relations when you take a tour of LearnRight.

We’ll help you trial how our LMS could support exceptional customer relations in your company by providing valuable product training.

But customer relations are just one of the things we can help you improve. You can lighten the HR load, train a more confident sales team, and build a more informed workforce with LearnRight’s simple-yet-powerful course creation tools and best-in-class reporting and analytics features.

So, book a tour to see how we can improve customer relations – you may be surprised to find you want to stick around to see how LearnRight can alleviate pressure and boost productivity across all departments.

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