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Employee onboarding techniques that won’t overwhelm your new recruit

Employee onboarding is one of the most important tactics you can use to lower your attrition rates and turn new hires into productive, experienced employees.

An effective onboarding process is vital. Studies have shown that a considerable amount of employee attrition, up to 20% by some estimates, happens in the first 45 days of employment.

That means your one- or two-day, bare-minimum onboarding program needs to be more comprehensive. Your HR team needs a formal onboarding program that does more than inform new hires about your company policies and give them a copy of the employee handbook.

At the same time, it’s essential that you don’t overwhelm new hires with too much information too fast. You need a well-paced employee onboarding process that is thoughtful and measured.

We suggest an intentional onboarding program checklist that won’t overwhelm new hires with an information avalanche.

Start employee onboarding with a warm welcome

Before you start onboarding employees, greet them with a warm welcome. This can include in-person greetings from staff on-site or a card and a small gift like a bagel and coffee.

If your employees work remotely, you can use your learning management system (LMS) to kick-start employee onboarding with a video chat or recorded greeting from staff members in all departments.

A sincere “hello” from their colleagues will help new hires feel comfortable in your company and ready to learn more about their roles.

Spread out the onboarding paperwork

An essential function of HR is to ensure all employee information is gathered as soon as possible. But a deluge of paperwork – like employee handbooks, payroll forms, and non-compete agreements – can be disheartening to a new employee eager to get started in their role. Instead, gather forms and personal data as part of an ongoing, multi-week onboarding program, so new hires stay interested in their training.

Use your learning management system to prompt employees to provide everything HR needs for payroll, taxes, pensions, bank details, health information, and emergency contacts.

You can schedule paperwork activities within the LMS as part of your onboarding process so that a new hire is required to complete them before moving on to their job training. That way, HR builds a comprehensive employee profile in an easy-to-access, secure location, and no essential data is forgotten.

Never leave a new hire idle

If a new employee loses steam during their onboarding process, they’ll wonder whether they’re needed or wanted at your company. By contrast, an employee onboarding process that keeps new recruits busy helps them feel productive and part of the team from day one.

Within a learning management system, you can schedule activities for every hour of a new hire’s day. The new employee knows exactly where to look for their next assignment, so they don’t feel bored, anxious, or useless.

Sync and stay on-brand with employee onboarding

Employee onboarding that is on-brand helps reinforce your company culture and brand identity. New recruits will better understand your company’s values and how they can contribute to them.

An LMS helps you create onboarding materials that are on-brand, customised to your colours, logos, fonts, and graphics. You can then deliver them to the right employees at the right time in their onboarding process by scheduling learning activities within the LMS.

That way, you’ll know that your new hires receive the proper employee training at the most reasonable point in their onboarding process. The branded training resources will help them recognise your company culture sooner and be more likely to rally behind it.

Liven up your policies and compliance

Compliance training and raising awareness of company policies are essential parts of a new employee onboarding process checklist. But it does have a reputation for being intensely dull.

You can liven up your policies and compliance training with video, gif, and graphic content. A new hire will be more engaged with the information they need to learn, and they’re more likely to retain content that keeps them interested.

Connect new employees with experienced employees

Forging connections with coworkers and peers is integral to new employee retention. You can help build those connections by pairing new hires with experienced employees across departments who can answer questions and provide guidance.

A cross-departmental onboarding team is an excellent way to ensure new employees understand the entire picture of your company. If experienced employees are physically distant, they can still connect with new recruits via message boards or discussion forums in your LMS.

Keep communicating during employee onboarding

It’s essential to keep communicating with your new employees throughout the onboarding process. You should reach out regularly to see how new recruits feel about their training and progress.

A learning management system can help you keep in touch with new recruits by allowing you to schedule messages to each employee and creating a communication hub within the LMS platform. Encourage honest feedback from your new hires. They’ll appreciate the positive corporate culture that honest feedback fosters, and they’ll feel more comfortable in their roles.

If they feel overwhelmed during the onboarding process, they’ll likely tell you. Allowing new hires to tell the truth when they struggle with employee onboarding means they’ll get the support they need, be more productive in their roles, and your attrition rates will remain lower.

Monitor employee onboarding progress

Every employee learns at a different rate. To keep new hire attrition rates low, you must monitor their progress. You can intervene with support and extra resources before the new hire becomes discouraged.

Likewise, new employees that catch on quickly can be accelerated to take on a project sooner than expected. Reports from your multi-department onboarding team can help determine which new hires need interventions.

You can monitor employee onboarding using a learning management system (LMS) with an analytics dashboard. LearnRight’s tracking and reporting are entirely customisable, so you can watch the metrics that matter most to your stakeholders.

The best LMS for employee onboarding

With our customisable reporting and analytics features, easy-to-use course creator, and robust communications capabilities, LearnRight is a solid choice for your employee onboarding process.

We’d love to show you how it can work in your company or organisation. Talk to the team today to schedule a tour, and we’ll demonstrate how engaging employee onboarding can be with the right tool.

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