Member Training

Create valuable online courses & go beyond
your member’s expectations

It’s time to make member engagement skyrocket by putting together some modern member training in your learning management system.

Maximize membership engagement by transforming any outdated training into an easier more fun way of learning.

LearnRight’s member training learning management system is easy to set up, manage, and monitor so you can create a more modern learning environment for your members.

Improve your member engagement by using an interactive
LMS that scales with your business

LearnRight is an interactive LMS that scales with you so you can always meet your members’ needs no matter how many people you’re serving.

Your training can be available to your members no matter where they’re based or what time zone they’re working in.

Deliver the same training materials and training experience to all of your members at the same time and easily update it to match the latest changes in your business.

Keep track of how your members are doing with in-built reporting tools.

Improve interactivity with your members by giving them a hub to start conversations, ask questions and share real-life, on-the-job experiences within LearnRight.

With extensive member training options at competitive price points, LearnRight is a cost-effective solution for your LMS needs.

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