5 reasons why jobs training can attract & retain top talent

5 reasons why jobs training can attract & retain top talent

There are no two ways about it: employee attrition is expensive. It costs about 33% of an employee’s annual wage to replace them, by some estimates.

And competition for top talent is fierce. It’s no longer an employer’s market, and if you want to attract and retain top talent, you’ll have to do a little wooing.

But a skills training program helps organisations replace the talent they’ve lost with a stellar staff and keep them productive and engaged for longer.

Skills training for employee retention

Successful hiring and high retention rates start with hiring the best and keeping them happy.

You can create a thriving jobs training program that prioritises employee learning, making staff confident in their roles and excited about their future at your company.

Here’s why skills training is a tactic that attracts the best talent for your organisation.

Top talent prioritises growing their career

The type of talent you want to hire is those who have ambition and drive. Those workers are interested in more than meeting the minimum requirements. They want more for themselves, and they expect more from their company.

Top talent seeks opportunities for career growth. Providing skills training shows them that your company is prepared to offer it to them.

They’ll see that their career is a priority for your company, too, and that you’re prepared to invest in the best career future for your driven employees.

Top talent values education

Investing in employee education sends a strong message when you’re trying to attract top talent.

In life and in careers, education creates opportunities. Talented candidates will see that you’re invested in offering opportunities to your employees through jobs training and skills development.

Your ideal candidate is often a person who values education for education’s sake. They’re excited about learning and engaged in their role. When they see that your company offers ways to deepen their industry knowledge and job effectiveness, they’ll be more likely to accept your employment offer.

They’ll also see a company that wants to empower employees with the skills training they need to do their job well.

Jobs training lets top talent perform their roles confidently

When you’ve successfully hired top talent, you want to keep them happy in their roles.

Skills training does that by helping your employees feel competent in their job roles, ready to market, sell, manufacture, or assist with complete confidence in their abilities.

Confident employees stay with your company longer. They contribute to a positive, healthy work environment because they feel supported and appreciated by your company, and that job satisfaction buoys their coworkers in turn.

Top talent wants to see a path to career advancement

Employees leave for new opportunities. You can mitigate that threat to your retention rates by creating in-house opportunities through jobs training.

Your employees want to know that there is a clear, achievable path for promotion and career advancement with your company. Without it, they’ll start looking to your competitors to provide it instead.

But you can create that career path with skills training that gives them goals and ambition.

They won’t need to look further afield when they see opportunities at your company. They’ll happily stay with the company, helping them advance their skills and offering a path to a fulfilling career.

Engaged employees build your talent brand

All these factors – the education, career opportunities, and job competence you offer in your skills training program – help build a positive talent brand for your company.

Your talent brand is the reputation your employees build for your corporate culture. It comes from honest voices inside your company who will speak to their friends, family, past coworkers, and colleagues about what it’s like to work for your company.

A positive talent brand is powerful. It expands throughout your top talent’s professional network and encourages their contacts to consider working for you, too.

You’ll attract more and better talent with a healthy talent brand, and the best way to build it is through jobs training that engages your employees and empowers them in their roles.

An LMS lets you offer unlimited jobs training opportunities

A learning management system (LMS) allows you to scale your jobs training opportunities to fit your needs.

You can build and customise skills training modules quickly and easily. Automated messaging and learning journeys let you assign education pathways for each learner in just a few clicks.

Onboarding new staff is simplified with an LMS. You can give them jobs training vital to their company’s success and empower them to feel good in their roles.

And the sky’s the limit with skills training opportunities. You can create as many as you need and assign to them whomever you like, changing roles, permissions, and training assignments as often as required.

You can identify learning gaps and plan the most effective way to offer jobs training through measurement and metrics tools that let you track, analyse, and report your findings.

LearnRight LMS attracts and keeps your top talent

LearnRight offers all the out-of-the-box features you need to start building jobs training courses right away. It automatically syncs with the tools you need to run your business, so you don’t lose time trying to make software play nicely together.

But it’s deeply customisable, too, with a responsive dev team that will build the features you require. Plus, with 24/7 global support from a real person, you’re never alone in creating a dynamic jobs training program that will revolutionise your hiring and retention numbers.

If you’re interested in LearnRight, let’s talk. You can take a no-strings-attached tour of LearnRight by booking it here. We can’t wait to let you see it in action.

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