Be at-the-ready for compliance audits with our user-friendly platform

Minimise risk with accurate reporting, audit trails, and certification management

Ensure up-to-date compliance content with flexible course customisation and updates

Build, deliver, and automate almost-effortless compliance training on an LMS

Know your employees are compliant with every training regulation when you create compliance training courses in LearnRight.

LearnRight simplifies the process of delivering and managing compliance training for organisations. Our easy-to-use platform enables administrators to create, assign, and monitor compliance courses with ease. Our advanced tracking and reporting features help you ensure that your workforce is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest regulations and industry standards.

  • Create engaging compliance training materials
  • Automate training delivery so you know each learner has received the right materials
  • Monitor and report on which employees have completed their training
  • Access compliance training records and reports in a snap
Build, deliver, and automate almost-effortless compliance training on an LMS

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when that compliance audit comes, our support team will help you prepare.

Compliance training doesn’t have to be a bore

Create immersive compliance training experiences with an easy-to-use course creation tool. Drag and drop, customise with brands colours, and add your company logo.

Compliance training doesn’t have to be a bore

Validate certificates and generate transcripts

When a learner completes a compliance training course, LearnRight automatically creates a certificate and validates it with a certificate number. Records of each course and cert are stored within the LMS, so you can generate transcripts for compliance training audits, and allow learners to generate their own transcripts, too.

LearnRight makes it easy to manage certifications and ensure that your employees maintain their qualifications. Our platform allows you to set expiration dates for certifications, send reminders to employees, and track the status of certifications, helping you mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Validate certificates and generate transcripts

Deliver the training they need, automatically

Get the right compliance training to the right group of learners. Powerful automation allows you to group learners and then automate the training materials they receive. You can automate messages and reminders, too, to encourage learners to login and complete their training.

Deliver the training they need, automatically

Monitor compliance training progress

Create custom, downloadable reports on which learners have completed their compliance training, and which need a nudge or two. Monitor progress at the group level, too, so you can see which groups need more attention.

Records and reports that are always to hand

When audit day comes, there’s never a panic. Your compliance training records are securely stored in a central location. They’re never misplaced, and they’re always ready for a complete report.

Frequently asked questions

Can LearnRight help our organisation stay up-to-date with changing regulations?

Yes, LearnRight’s flexible course customization options make it easy to update and modify your compliance training courses as regulations and industry standards evolve.

Can we manage employee certifications within LearnRight?

Yes, LearnRight allows you to track and manage employee certifications, set expiration dates, send reminders, and monitor certification status, helping you ensure that your workforce remains qualified and compliant.

Does LearnRight provide any pre-built compliance training courses?

While LearnRight primarily focuses on providing a platform for creating and managing your own custom courses, our flexible content import options make it possible to incorporate pre-built compliance training content from various sources, if desired.

Is it possible to generate reports to demonstrate our organisation’s compliance?

Absolutely! LearnRight’s robust reporting features enable you to generate detailed reports on learner progress, course completion rates, and certification status, providing the documentation needed to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to compliance.

Can we create custom compliance courses to address our organisation’s specific needs?

Yes, LearnRight supports a variety of content formats and customization options, enabling you to create custom compliance training courses that address the unique needs and requirements of your organisation.