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Compliance Training

Develop a scalable approach to compliance training

Simplify compliance training in your LMS and automate course tracking and reporting by using LearnRight. Our platform is designed to automate workflow, making certification management easy.

LearnRight’s compliance training learning management system is easy to set up, manage, and monitor allowing you to offer new courses on-time across any location and compliance scenario.

Automate workflow & simplify compliance
training with an easy to use LMS

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LearnRight can scale with your business so whether you’re educating 5 or 500 sales reps LearnRight will be able to support you.
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Your training is available to employees, wherever they’re based, whatever time zone they’re working in.

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Deliver the same training materials and training experience to anybody you like with ease.

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Update your course as your employees grow and learn more and as your business grows and changes.

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You can track compliance requirements with LearnRight’s Audit Trail which records activities that have affected specific operations, procedures or events. This allows you to update your eLearning course whenever you need to.

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