Encourage member engagement

Build an active online community

Pinpoint areas for membership growth

Why choose LearnRight’s learning management system for your membership platform

LearnRight is an all-in-one membership system designed to cater to the unique needs of organisations with members. Our platform offers a wide range of features that are essential for a membership-based organisation, ensuring that you can efficiently manage, engage, and grow your membership base. With LearnRight, you can deliver a seamless member experience, making your organisation more valuable and attractive to both existing and potential members.

Why choose LearnRight’s learning management system for your membership platform

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Simplified membership renewals and subscriptions

With LearnRight, managing membership renewals and subscriptions is a breeze. Our automated reminders ensure your members are notified well in advance about their upcoming renewal dates, giving them ample time to make a decision. Our system makes it easy for members to renew and manage their subscriptions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

With LearnRight you can offer portal monetisation where each member pays the same price. You can offer group monetisation where you offer different membership tiers. You can offer organisation membership where a member signing up can have multiple sub members who they manage the billing for.

Streamlined billing and invoicing

Our powerful and comprehensive billing system takes the headache out of invoicing and financial management. Set up customisable billing cycles, generate detailed invoices, and manage membership fees with ease. LearnRight allows you to track payments, manage discounts, and issue refunds, all from one intuitive platform.

Easy member onboarding and management

LearnRight’s user-friendly sign-up process makes it easy for new members to join your organisation. Our customisable registration forms allow you to capture the information you need while providing a seamless experience for your new members. With LearnRight, you can also set up automated welcome messages and onboarding content, ensuring new members feel engaged and supported from day one.

LearnRight allows you to easily import member data, set up custom enrolment processes, and track member progress throughout their learning journey.

Engaging and interactive content

Offer your members a diverse range of interactive content options, such as webinars, instructor-led training, SCORM and xAPI files, documents, and videos. Create dynamic learning experiences tailored to your members’ needs and interests, ensuring a high level of member satisfaction and engagement.

Engaging and interactive content

Customisable learning portals for different audiences

LearnRight allows you to create multiple learning portals tailored to the specific needs of your target audience. Each portal can be branded, configured, and filled with unique content, ensuring a personalised experience for each member group. This feature makes LearnRight the perfect solution for managing various membership tiers or interests within your organisation.

Drive for resource sharing and enhanced collaboration

The Drive feature in LearnRight is a powerful resource management tool designed to help organisations store, manage, and share essential documents and files with their members. This feature can be highly beneficial for membership platforms, as it facilitates easy access to important resources and supports collaboration among members. It includes folder organisation, access controls and file versioning.

Deepen your relationship with your members

When you create an online community for your members, you invite them to immerse themselves in your mission. You give them the opportunity to get involved, learn more, and take action. And an active membership is a powerful asset to your organisation.

Deepen your relationship with your members

Grow a buzzing online community

Invite members to connect and communicate with each other in a branded, private online platform where members can communicate in live chat or within forums together. You can create message boards with custom permissions, access, and enrollment. Stay in touch with your members through an automated messaging system. Every chat, every connection, keeps members buzzing about your brand.

Grow a buzzing online community

Integrate effortlessly with your existing systems

LearnRight offers out-of-the-box integrations that help your membership community get up and running quickly. We support Stripe, Zoom, Salesforce, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and other custom integrations can be built to connect using our OpenAPI.

Integrate effortlessly with your existing systems

Effortless member communication via emails

LearnRight’s robust communication features include the ability to send bulk emails to members, allowing organisations to efficiently disseminate important information, updates, and announcements to members. With features like user segmentation, customisable templates, personalisation, scheduling and analytics all available within the tool.

Effortless member communication via emails

Measure the success with reporting and analytics

Create and download reports on member behaviour and member base growth. LearnRight provides robust reporting and analytics tools to help you track member engagement, learning progress, and overall satisfaction. With LearnRight, you have the power to track, measure, and report on the metrics that matter to your membership expansion goals. Use this data to make informed decisions about your membership offerings and continuously improve your members’ experience.

Frequently asked questions

How does LearnRight handle member privacy and data security?

LearnRight prioritises the privacy and security of your members’ data. Our platform complies with industry-standard security measures and data protection regulations, ensuring that your members’ information remains safe and secure.

Is LearnRight mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! LearnRight’s responsive design ensures that members can access content and engage with your organisation from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

How can I get started with LearnRight?

Book a tour with our team to discuss your specific needs and discover how LearnRight’s membership system can revolutionise your organisation. We’ll also offer a 30-day free trial so you can explore the platform and its features.

Can I offer discounts or promotions for memberships?

Absolutely! LearnRight’s flexible pricing options enable you to create promotional codes and discounts to encourage new sign-ups and reward loyal members.

What payment gateways does LearnRight support?

LearnRight supports Stripe’s payment gateways, offering your members the most flexible ways to pay.

Can LearnRight integrate with other membership management tools?

Yes, LearnRight offers seamless integration with various third-party tools and software, making it easy to manage your membership system alongside other existing solutions.

Can I customise the look and feel of my membership portal?

Yes, LearnRight offers extensive customisation options, including branding, color schemes, banners, and multimedia content, allowing you to create a unique and immersive experience for your members.

How can I set up different membership levels and pricing?

LearnRight allows you to create multiple membership tiers with different pricing structures, access to content, and benefits. Tailor each level to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

Is it possible to set up recurring payments for membership fees?

Yes, LearnRight supports recurring billing options, allowing you to set up automated payments for membership renewals and ongoing subscriptions.

Can I track and manage overdue payments?

LearnRight’s robust billing system allows you to track overdue payments and send reminders to members with outstanding balances, helping you maintain a healthy cash flow for your organisation.