Boost employee productivity

Personalised employee learning Paths

Hire & retain talented staff

Automate training to the right employees

A skilled, capable staff starts with a professional LMS

Companies that invest in employee training and development grow faster and further. You can supercharge your growth and streamline training with the LMS that offers easy course creation, an engaging learning environment, and solid tracking and reporting.

  • Create courses for every learning group that are hassle-free for course creators and engaging for learners.
  • Deliver training to the right employees at the right time in their employment journey, automatically
  • Synchronise new hire processes across the business, regardless of location
  • Standardise employee training and development so you know every employee receives the opportunity to learn and grow
  • Track progress and download reports that share meaningful insights into your training and development program
A skilled, capable staff starts with a professional LMS

Receive round-the-clock, real-person support for every problem or roadblock.

The industry’s brightest deserve your best

Your industry’s top talent want to see opportunities for development and advancement at your company. Attract skilled employees and retain them longer with ongoing training that challenges minds and rewards growth.

The industry’s brightest deserve your best

Make learning a core part of your growth strategy

Company expansion starts with employee growth. Translate your business goals into skills development at the employee level with the LMS that engages learners and nurtures learning.

Make learning a core part of your growth strategy

Training and development that’s automatically brilliant

Automate every step of your company’s training and development from course enrollments to progress notifications to outcomes reporting. Plus, LearnRight has an open API for advanced integrations with any HR management system. For non developers, we integrate with Zapier so it’s easy to build connections between HR systems and keep your HR processes intact.

Measure and monitor to ensure training success

Measure how your training and development is impacting your company growth with progress tracking and outcomes reporting. Report on training wins and pinpoint areas for improvement, all within one intuitive LMS.

Personalized learning paths

LearnRight allows you to create customised learning paths tailored to each employee’s needs and career goals. By identifying skill gaps and offering targeted training, you ensure your team is equipped to excel in their roles and contribute to the organization’s success.

Interactive content formats

Engaging content is essential for effective employee development. LearnRight supports a wide range of interactive content formats, including SCORM and xAPI files, webinars, instructor-led training, documents, and videos. This variety ensures employees stay engaged and retain the information they need to grow.

Interactive content formats

Skill assessments and quizzes

Evaluate employee progress and knowledge retention through skill assessments and quizzes. LearnRight’s platform makes it easy to design and implement tests that measure your team’s understanding of critical concepts and skills.

Collaborative learning environment

Foster a collaborative learning environment that encourages teamwork and knowledge sharing. With LearnRight’s platform, employees can engage in group discussions, work on projects together, and learn from one another’s experiences.

Collaborative learning environment

Mobile learning

Empower your employees to learn on the go with LearnRight’s mobile-compatible platform. Access courses and learning materials from any device, ensuring continuous skill development and growth.

Empower your employees with mobile learning on LearnRight

Centralised training repository

Organise all your training materials and resources in one centralized location. With LearnRight, you can easily manage, update, and share content across your organization, streamlining employee development efforts.

Scalable solution for growing teams

As your organization grows, LearnRight’s platform scales with you. Easily add new employees, courses, and content to meet your expanding training needs.

Frequently asked questions

How does LearnRight support employee development for remote teams?

LearnRight provides a comprehensive online platform that enables remote teams to access training materials, engage in collaborative learning, and participate in live training sessions from any location and device. This ensures continuous learning and skill development for remote employees.

What types of reporting and analytics are available within LearnRight?

LearnRight offers in-depth analytics and reporting tools that help you track employee progress, measure the success of training initiatives, identify skill gaps, and gain insights into overall performance.

Is LearnRight compatible with third-party content providers or authoring tools?

LearnRight supports a wide range of content formats, including SCORM and xAPI files, making it compatible with many third-party content providers and authoring tools.

How does LearnRight ensure the security and privacy of my organization’s data?

LearnRight adheres to industry-standard security practices, including encryption of data in transit and at rest, to protect your organisation’s sensitive information.

Is LearnRight mobile-friendly?

Yes, LearnRight’s platform is designed to be mobile-compatible, allowing employees to access courses and learning materials from their smartphones and tablets.

Does LearnRight offer any pre-built content or courses for employee skills development?

While LearnRight primarily focuses on providing a robust platform for you to create and manage your training content, the platform may include some pre-built content and courses or can be integrated with third-party content providers to help you get started.

Is LearnRight suitable for small businesses as well as large organisations?

LearnRight offers scalable solutions that cater to the needs of both small businesses and large organisations, providing tailored features and support to ensure successful employee skills development.

How does LearnRight help me track and measure the ROI of my employee skills development initiatives?

Through its comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, LearnRight enables you to measure the success of your training programs, track employee progress, and evaluate the impact of your training initiatives on overall performance. This data can be used to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your employee skills development efforts, helping you make informed decisions about future training and resource allocation.

What types of industries and organisations can benefit from using LearnRight for employee skills development?

LearnRight is a versatile platform that can cater to the training needs of various industries and organisations, from small businesses to large enterprises, and across sectors such as healthcare, finance, technology, and more.

Can I automate the assignment of courses or learning paths based on employee roles or skill levels?

Yes, LearnRight allows you to set up rules and automation to assign courses and learning paths based on employee roles, skill levels, or other criteria. This ensures that employees receive relevant training aligned with their needs and career goals.

Can I customise LearnRight’s platform to align with my organisation’s branding?

Yes, LearnRight allows you to customise the platform’s appearance, including company logos and color schemes, to ensure a consistent brand experience for your employees.

How can LearnRight help identify skill gaps within my organisation?

By using assessments, quizzes, and reporting tools, LearnRight enables you to evaluate your employees’ knowledge and skills. This data can be used to identify skill gaps and create targeted learning paths to address these areas.

Can I create custom certifications or badges to recognise employee achievements?

Yes, LearnRight allows you to create custom certifications and badges that can be awarded to employees upon successful completion of courses or milestones, motivating and recognising their achievements.

What kind of support can I expect from the LearnRight team?

LearnRight provides 24/7 global support from real people, a dedicated success specialist, and responsive development to ensure a smooth experience and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I integrate LearnRight with my existing HR systems and productivity tools?

LearnRight offers seamless integration with a wide range of HR systems and productivity tools, making it easy to incorporate the platform into your existing processes and workflows.

How can I ensure that employees are engaged with the training content?

LearnRight supports a variety of interactive content formats and collaborative learning features to keep employees engaged and motivated throughout the training process.

Can I assign different access levels or permissions for managers and employees within LearnRight?

Yes, LearnRight allows you to set up different user roles and permissions, ensuring that managers and employees have access to the appropriate content and functionality within the platform.

Can LearnRight facilitate blended learning, combining online and in-person training?

Yes, LearnRight supports blended learning by allowing you to schedule, manage, and report on both online and in-person training sessions directly from the platform. This ensures a flexible and comprehensive learning experience for your employees.

How easy is it to onboard new employees and get them started with LearnRight?

LearnRight’s intuitive interface makes it simple to onboard new employees and get them started with the platform. You can easily add new users, assign them to courses, and track their progress from day one.

How can I ensure my training content remains up-to-date and relevant for my employees?

LearnRight’s centralised training repository makes it easy to manage, update, and share content across your organisation. You can quickly modify existing courses or add new content to keep your training programs current and engaging.