Boost sales productivity

Encourage a confident sales team

Create opportunities to upskill

Inspire limitless sales growth with a highly-trained sales team

Train your sales team and watch them target and win exciting accounts. With LearnRight, your sales training courses challenge even the most seasoned salesperson to refine their skills and meet their growth potential.

  • Build engaging sales training courses and deliver them to the right team members automatically
  • Synchronise and standardise your sales training across all locations
  • Monitor sales training progress and completion and report on sales training outcomes
Inspire limitless sales growth with a highly-trained sales team

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team is ready to support yours via phone, email, or chat.

Sales resources are always at hand

Your sales team will have access to a drive to store your templates, sales decks, training modules, and upskilling resources. No matter the customer, it’s easy to prepare and clinch the sale.

And speaking of customers, your sales team can create customer- and product-specific training modules for their clients. See our Product Training and Customer Training pages to learn more.

Sales training that starts them selling right away

The better your sales team understands your products, the better they can sell them. Empower your sales team with the product knowledge and sales skills they need to close the deal every time.

Sales training that starts them selling right away

Don’t stop with the sales training basics

Encourage your sales team to achieve advanced sales training. LearnRight allows you to deepen your sales team’s knowledge and skills. You can create a library of sales training resources that’s always available to your entire team, regardless of their location.

Don’t stop with the sales training basics

Automate and scale your sales training with an LMS

When you automate your sales training enrollments, the next opportunity for upskilling is always right around the corner. And because LearnRight scales to fit your business needs, you can offer next-level sales training to every team member as they join, automatically.

Measure sales training success and watch your team soar

Nurture friendly competition by setting goals and rewarding increased sales. You can monitor progress for every sales team member to see when they’ve completed sales training and how that training is affecting their outcomes. Showcase your sales team’s success with downloadable reports.

Sales process and system training

LearnRight can be used to train your sales team on new sales processes and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing downtime. By providing step-by-step guidance and interactive learning experiences, your sales staff will quickly become proficient in new sales methodologies and tools.

Sales process and system training

A scalable sales training solution that evolves with you

As your sales organisation grows, LearnRight can easily scale to accommodate your expanding training needs. With its flexible pricing plans and user limits, LearnRight can support your sales team’s development

Mobile learning for sales teams on the go

With LearnRight’s mobile learning capabilities, your sales team can access their training materials from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility allows them to learn at their own pace, making it easier to fit training into their busy schedules.

Mobile learning for sales teams on the go

Frequently asked questions

Can LearnRight be customised for different sales roles within my organization?

Yes, LearnRight can be customised to create tailored training programs for different sales roles within your organisation, ensuring that each team member receives the most relevant training for their specific responsibilities.

Can I integrate LearnRight with my existing CRM?

LearnRight can be integrated with various third-party systems, including CRMs. This allows for seamless data sharing and reporting between your sales training platform and your CRM, ensuring that your sales team’s performance data is always up to date. Leveraging our OpenAPI or Zapier you can have any number of integrations with our platform.

What kind of support does LearnRight offer for sales training?

LearnRight provides 24/7 global support, ensuring that any issues or questions you may have are addressed promptly. Additionally, a dedicated success specialist will be available to assist you in optimising your sales training program.

Can LearnRight help with sales certification programs?

LearnRight can be used to support sales certification programs by providing custom certificates at the end of training. You can create custom courses and quizzes to test your sales team’s knowledge and skills, ensuring they meet the requirements for certification

Can I track my sales team’s progress and performance in LearnRight?

LearnRight’s advanced analytics and reporting features allow you to track your sales team’s learning progress and performance. You can monitor course completion, quiz scores, and other key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales training program and identify areas for improvement.

Does LearnRight offer sales coaching features?

LearnRight has a dedicated sales coaching feature, the platform provides tools for collaboration, feedback, and social learning, which can be utilised to facilitate coaching and mentoring within your sales team.

How quickly can my sales team start using LearnRight for their training?

LearnRight is designed for quick and easy implementation. Once you’ve set up your account, you can immediately start creating courses or using the existing library of sales courses. Your sales team can begin their training as soon as their accounts are created.

Is LearnRight suitable for both in-person and remote sales teams?

Yes, LearnRight’s platform is designed to support both in-person and remote sales teams. The mobile learning capabilities and flexible content delivery options make it easy for sales professionals to access their training materials from anywhere, at any time.

Does LearnRight offer any pre-built sales training courses?

LearnRight does not directly offer a library of ready-to-use sales courses however third party courses from content providers can easily be integrated with our platform.

Is LearnRight compatible with other eLearning content formats, such as SCORM?

Yes, LearnRight supports various eLearning content formats, including SCORM. This compatibility allows you to easily import and use existing sales training materials in your LearnRight platform.