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Sales Training

Automate your sales training with
a learning management system

Get your salespeople onboarded quickly and crushing quotas in an instant with the help of a learning management system.

Sales professionals spend up to 43 hours every month searching for the information they need. That’s 43 hours spent not selling your products.

Your sales teams and sales managers can get everything they need in one place with our CRM integration. You can keep sales opportunities, sales enablement processes, product information, and learning content all in one place.

LearnRight’s sales training learning management system can be set up for your company easily and it’ll allow you to monitor and manage your sales team’s progress with ease.

Increase sales and close deals quicker by improving your
online sales training

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From a team of 5 to a team of thousands LearnRight will grow with you and continue to meet the needs of your employees.

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Get new sales reps in your company faster thanks to LearnRight’s easy to use design.

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LearnRight is a cost-effective LMS that can help provide your sales team with courses on social selling techniques, consultative selling, and B2B sales.

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Your sales team will be able to perfect your company’s pitch with help from the best sales training programs on the number one learning management system.

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Your sales team can access LearnRight wherever they’re based in whatever time zone they’re in.

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Designed to respond to the unique needs of your company, LearnRight is easy to update with the latest operational changes to your business.

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Keep track of how your sales team is doing with their course thanks to LearnRight’s built-in reporting tools.

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Let top performers share their sales methodology with future sales representatives by giving them the perfect place to share their knowledge.

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