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Product Training

Sell more by levelling up your product training

Make sure your sales team has easy access to everything they need to know about the solutions you offer to your customers. Put everything about your products and services in one place and distribute high-quality learning content in just a few clicks.

Maximise the value of every customer and boost your cross-sales and up-sales by equipping your salespeople with all the information they need to know about your products.

LearnRight’s product training learning management system is easy to set up, manage, and monitor so you can keep track of how your sales team is doing.

Sell more effectively by equipping your sales team with
the in-depth knowledge they need to succeed

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LearnRight can scale with your business so whether you’re educating 5 or 500 sales reps LearnRight will be able to support you.

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Your training can be available to your sales team no matter where they are in the world or what time zone they’re in.

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Deliver the same training materials and training experience to all of your sales reps easily.

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Keep your content updated as your business grows and changes.

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Keep track of how your sales team is doing with built-in reporting tools.

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Help your employees sell smarter by teaching them how to recognize the customers’ needs and recommend better solutions.

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Grow your team’s confidence by giving them the knowledge they need to memorize products and features.

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Teach your salespeople to understand exactly what you offer so they can speak like true experts for your company.

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