Put learning at the core of your organisation

Thriving companies prioritise training, learning, and empowerment. We help you make education and skills development a company-wide priority by catering to an almost endless list of learning scenarios.


Put learning at the core of your company

Our most popular use cases

One LMS, boundless opportunities to educate and inspire.

Employee Onboarding

Get your new hires up to speed quickly, empowering them to feel competent and confident in their roles from day one.

Employee Development

Your most productive employees are the ones who never stop learning. Facilitate ongoing skills development and watch productivity soar.

Sales Training

Build a smarter, more skilled sales team with on-point training that keeps them focused on your product and up-to-date on features and solutions.

Customer Training

When you support your customers’ product knowledge, you slash your customer service hours and foster client loyalty.

Membership Systems

Drive member engagement by creating a thriving members-only community. Our portal and forum features promote member communication and group learning.

Product Training

Boost sales with product training that empowers your sales team and answers customer questions before they’re even asked.

Compliance Training

Retain your compliance standards for every employee in every location. With LearnRight, centralised compliance training is easy to update and manage.

Franchisee Training

Align all of your franchisee locations and employees with training that’s synchronised and on-brand.

Partner Training

Elevate your partnerships with training that encourages engagement and communication between your company and your partners.

Education Courses

Educate volunteers, students, and members on topics that are central to your organisation and vital to their success.

Who We Serve

Serving a diverse range of industries with our comprehensive and adaptable solutions.

Public Sector

Streamline partner organisation training and staff onboarding effortlessly. Select our LMS for efficient training of public sector employees.


With our customizable LMS for online training of medical and administrative staff, your team can enjoy enhanced eLearning for healthcare professionals.


Maximise your eCommerce company’s potential. Expand your reach, attract new markets, and increase sales with our eCommerce-focused LMS.

Higher Education

Enable round-the-clock accessibility for higher education students. Engage and connect students effortlessly with our user-friendly and impactful learning management system.


Empower your employees, customers, and partners with effective training on our LMS. Optimise your software’s use through specialised eLearning for development companies.

Financial Services

Choose our growth-focused LMS for financial services. Amplify your growth and success with training options for banks, financial advisors, and accountants.


Optimise your manufacturing training with our LMS. Equip employees with lean manufacturing, production management, and health & safety skills for enhanced productivity.

Business Services

Streamline enterprise learning with our user-friendly LMS. Create corporate eLearning courses effortlessly to enhance professional development within your business.


Efficiently train new retail employees on processes and product knowledge using our retail LMS. Keep them updated and engaged through customised courses.


Boost your hospitality business and empower staff with customer service and hospitality skills training courses offered through our LMS. Build confidence and gain a competitive edge.


Effortlessly train your telecom workforce with our user-friendly LMS software designed for telecommunications courses. Streamline your telecom training with a dedicated LMS.


Drive membership growth for your association by providing continuing education through professional certifications, comprehensive courses, and in-depth training opportunities.

Nonprofit Organisations

Enhance partnerships and train volunteers effectively with our nonprofit LMS. Educate learners about your organisation and foster collaboration for greater impact.


Create a tailored online course for transportation training with our comprehensive LMS. Whether it’s aviation or shipping, our platform meets your needs.


Efficiently streamline regulatory, compliance, and pharma product training for your pharmaceutical company with a customised course created on our platform.


Develop user-friendly logistics training courses for your employees using our comprehensive LMS. Create online logistics training with ease and efficiency.

Ongoing support specialists help you plan, build, and execute training courses for each learning group.

Ongoing support specialists team