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At LearnRight we foster a culture where everyone feels welcome and valued requires intentionality.
We are committed to this hard work and we are holding ourselves accountable.

We are in this together

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace needs to be intentional. At LearnRight, we are making investments
to ensure our workplace culture is welcoming and inclusive to folks with a diverse set of identities, experiences and backgrounds.

We’re more than a company

When companies discuss diversity and inclusion, it can sound like just another corporate play. LearnRight
understands that DEI is more than just an acronym, it’s a part of our core values inside and outside the office.

LearnRight we are transformative

We are transformative

LearnRight we are empowered

We are empowered

LearnRight we are family

We are people

LearnRight we are genuine

We are genuine

LearnRight we are passionate

We are passionate

LearnRight we are family

We are family

LearnRight diversity, equity and inclusion

Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is simple

Drive systemic change that will enable us to build a more diverse community

Empower employees to be inclusive leaders and positive changemakers

To hold us accountable to this work, we have assembled an executive sponsored DEI Task Force. This team includes employee representatives from Segment’s global workforce, owns our DEI strategy and ensures we are making data-driven progress and learning along the way.

Commitment to Racial Equity

In doing this work, it’s important that we also understand the prevalent racial injustices faced by people of color. We are committing to being a more racially just company and to enabling positive action from the individual to the company level.

Here are the steps we are taking

We made Juneteenth a company holiday

We organized safe spaces for teammates to discuss anti-racism

We launched an inclusive leadership training for managers

We made donations to racial justice organizations like the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

We are reimagining our hiring and interview processes to make them more inclusive

LearnRight Commitment to Racial Equity
LearnRight teamwork

This work requires all of us

We believe that every one of our team has a responsibility to help build an inclusive culture and support our DEI strategy. We do this by building empathy for one another, engaging in allyship and modeling inclusive leadership.

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