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Employee Onboarding

Onboard new hires faster than ever before

Make it easier and smoother to onboard new employees by using personalised learning paths and specialised training.

Give each of your new employees a tailored training process so they can easily adapt to the way your company works.

LearnRight’s employee onboarding learning management system is incredibly simple to set up and you’ll be able to monitor and manage the progress of your new employees at ease.

Give your employees a social and interactive onboarding
experience with training that stick

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LearnRight scales with you – from a team of 5 to a team of thousands it’ll grow alongside you to meet your needs.

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Easily hire employees remotely and meet the onboarding needs for multiple departments or offices.

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Get a cost-effective LMS that has eLearning training programs to give you results that count.

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Easily onboard employees from wherever they’re based in whatever time zone they’re working in.

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Designed to respond to the unique needs of your company, LearnRight is easy to update with the latest operational changes to your business.

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Keep track of how the onboarding process is going for each new employee with in-built reporting tools.

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Train your employee as they go with LearnRight’s specialised employee onboarding software at a cost-effective price.

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