Engage users in an immersive learning environment

Dedicated onboarding specialists and actually helpful global, 24/7 support

Measure & track outcomes for unprecedented growth

Amplify your

training with an LMS that drives real learning

Develop employee skills, deepen partnerships, and secure customer loyalty.

With LearnRight as your solution to training, you gain an immersive learning platform that engages all learners, monitors learning outcomes, and seamlessly scales to meet your growth.

Drive measurable knowledge retention, discover and close knowledge gaps, and empower learners to utilise their new skills everyday.

LMS that drives real learning


A branded LMS that unifies your
workforce and ignites your partnerships


Onboard new employees and upskill current staff with a user-friendly LMS that’s built for business. Create online courses, share files in the drive, monitor learners’ progress with reports, and invite discussion in a private online forum. It can work just like an intranet.


Build powerful, long-lasting partnerships with partner training that establishes a thorough understanding of your company, your products, and your cooperative goals.


Ensure each franchise is performing apace with cohesive training materials, connections with other franchise members, and a completely on-brand learning interface.

Customers & Clients

Foster customer loyalty and expand your client base by supporting customers as they use your products. Online product courses ensure clients continue to find value in your products and services.


Grow a thriving collective of engaged members with private discussion forums, user role management, and a dedicated community drive.


Essential LMS features that scale with your needs

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Create and download instant reports on the data that’s most important to your business. You can test and track learner’s progress, knowledge retention, learning outcomes and how they’re applying training in their roles.

Integrated With Your Processes

LearnRight integrates with the key systems your business already depends on. And with an adaptable, innovative dev team, new integrations and features are rolling out continually.
LearnRight Integration with Your Business Processes

Fully-Branded, Intuitive UX/UI

Good design makes everything easier. You can customise logos, icons, backgrounds, fonts, colours, and more to match your brand. Your learners will feel comfortable in a professionally designed and white labeled interface, and your course creators will feel confident building training modules, monitoring progress, and defining success.
LearnRight Fully-Branded, Intuitive UX/UI for LMS

Full-Service Learning Environment

From assignments and quizzes to video conferencing and message boards, LearnRight provides a complete people development ecosystem with all the business-class features your learners require.
LearnRight Full-Service Learning Environment for Training and Development


Seamless integrations with your tools and website

From Stripe to Zapier, SalesForce to Zoom we have you covered, our open API integrates with anything. So whatever software you need to keep your processes running smoothly, we support it.

We also integrate with any website, allowing you to create a completely seamless user experience from your website to your training courses. Your learners will never know they’ve left your site.

LearnRight Seamless Integrations with Your Tools and Website


Elevate training in a custom learning environment


Create private and secure drives so you can easily share files with users. You can make files public or restrict them to specific users, groups, or courses. You can give users permission to contribute files or assign view-only access.


Encourage a community of learning with private discussion forums, customisable for each group or training course. Moderators can control roles and access to each forum.


Keep the learning conversation going with direct, real-time messaging between users. Learners can manage contacts and send links to files, images, and more.


Help learners connect with one another through a directory of users. Bring LinkedIn-type functionality to your users with user profiles and a searchable directory with the ability to make connections and start live communication. You can easily use the directory to build an organizational chart.


Generate revenue from your courses by selling them online, with monetisation options available for groups, courses, or access to your portal. You can charge one time or recurring fees. Payments are a breeze with Stripe integration.

Calendar & Events

Keep track of your training and courses with ease. You can schedule in-person and virtual events, organise events, and track & record attendance with LearnRight’s calendar and events features.


Hassle-free LMS migration made easy!

Are you concerned about migrating from your current LMS to a new platform? Put your worries aside!

At LearnRight, we understand that switching providers can be daunting, but our dedicated team makes the process seamless and stress-free. We ensure the smooth transition of your existing content, courses, and user data by following a well-structured migration plan.

Don’t let the fear of change hold you back! Experience a smooth LMS migration with LearnRight.

Hassle-free LMS migration made easy

Onboarding specialists committed to your
success, from initial setup
to ongoing support

When you work with us, you receive continual support from an onboarding specialist charged with ensuring your course creation and employee training is a success.

LearnRight Onboarding Specialists Committed to Your Success


We’re proud to be trusted by these
thought-leading companies:

“My staff say compliance training is easier and more enjoyable with LearnRight, and I can see that reflected in our completion rates. The staff have loved earning badges when they complete each training level and we have an accurate record of their progress in the system.”
Turlough O'Brien
Turlough O’Brien

Integrations Manager,
Cleaning Contractors

“Our training completion rates are higher than ever, and we can track and report that to stakeholders who want to see results. We can train 1,000s of members at the same time – it’s awesomely scalable.”
Sinead McArdle
Sinead McArdle

Business Development
Manager, ISQua

“We don’t have to worry whether our clients understand how to complete the training – it’s so easy and intuitive to understand. And we get fewer calls for support thanks to our members having an easy-to-use training system on hand whenever they need it.”
Keelan Bourke
Keelan Bourke

Retail Excellence Ireland

When employees, partners, and customers connect via
learning, your workforce and partnerships are stronger,
smarter, and more dynamic.

Forge connections

Forge connections

between learners, uniting your staff and partners into a cohesive, purposeful workforce.
Encourage loyalty

Encourage loyalty

from customers who feel confident using your products and supported by your training.
Drive learning results

Drive learning results

by monitoring each learner’s progress and measuring how they apply learning in their roles.


Your guide to staff development with a
learning management system

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