Explore our wide range of LMS features, each designed to make learning engaging and measuring outcomes easy.

Course Creation & Management

Creating courses in LearnRight is intuitive and streamlined, and making changes to them is, too. That means getting started is simple, and you can alter your courses at any time.
Creating courses in LearnRight
Organise courses into topics and categorise them easily
Add courses to learning journeys
Attach activities to courses including webinars, videos, quizzes, assignments, slideshows, instructor-led training, text, and scheduled sessions
Organise courses into modules
Assign credits for courses, activities, modules, and journeys
Full support for all versions of SCORM, xAPI, and TinCan via SCORM Cloud
Video conferencing via Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and more
Control access to courses by user, group, and portal
Set up automatic extensions to courses if a deadline is missed
Add instructors to courses
Send custom-designed certificates for courses
Manually enrol individual learners on a course or journey. Enrol automatically based on the learner’s group or portal
Monetise your courses or journeys
Built-in AI to generate course content on the fly
Generate reports to track learner progress
Lesson gating which requires learners to complete one activity before moving on to the next
Set a course duration by number of days

Learner Engagement

Keep your learning audience excited about your content and engaged with your learning environment via certificates, messaging, and gamification that’s easy to configure and control.
Learner Engagement
In-application auto notifications for new assignments, certificate expiration, upcoming events, direct messages, replies to comments, connection requests, and more
Choose pre-designed certificates or use a custom-designed certificate
Certificates auto-generated and downloadable for each completed course and journey
Collaborative online learning in a social environment leveraging discussion forums, direct messaging and gamification
Automated, custom notifications with options for email or SMS delivery
Fully-responsive mobile website to support mobile learning
Interactive, media-rich content
Customised portals for each learner or learner group
Video conferencing and webinars to encourage interactive learning
Allow learners to choose their portal’s language
Translate your learning content using AI into any other language
Earn badges for completion and display them on each user’s profile, see a leaderboard of all users
Recertification options that allow certificates to be customised with an end to their validity
Download a transcript of the completed activities for an individual learner including their learning outcomes

Training Delivery

Provide the training your learners need at the right pace. LearnRight allows instructors and administrators to lead learners through their training, creating events and assignments, monitoring progress along the way.
Training Delivery

Learning Journeys

Organise courses into journeys
Link courses that are required to complete a learning journey
Assign journeys to learners based on groups
Assign activities to courses such as quizzes, exams, and assignments
Receive notifications when learners have completed assignments, courses, and journeys

Instructor-led training

Create, edit, and assign training materials
Add activities to each course, such as exams and assignments
See when activities are completed and send learners reminders for late work
Monitor learners’ progress and pinpoint areas for improvement
Give assignments and answer questions
Chart an automated learning path for individuals or at the group level
Training can be delivered either in-person or online
Track attendance and assign credits for attending classes
Store and organise training materials
Blended learning experience combines a variety of media to make learning more engaging
Schedule training

Calendar and Events

Ensure your learners know when courses are starting (and ending!) and when assignments are due. LearnRight’s calendar features make it easy for learners, instructors, and stakeholders to stay on track.
LearnRight calendar and events feature
Create events with customisable fields
Manage event registration permissions and control whether events are public or private
View and track registrations and attendees for both future and past events
Invite your learners to register for events and publish notifications of upcoming events
Give credits to learner for attending an event
Make calendar events a required part of a course
Integrate with your personal calendar


Report on the metrics that matter most to your organisation and stakeholders. With LearnRight, you get highly customisable reporting features, downloadable in a format that works for you.
Choose from simple, predetermined reports or deeply customised reports using a report builder engine
Downloadable CSV or pdf reports based on educational outcomes like assessments, enrollments, courses, and activities
Downloadable CSV or pdf reports on users, filtered by roles, groups, and retention
Downloadable CSV or pdf reports on revenue to track subscriptions and transactions


A well-designed course is just the first step to a successful training program. With LearnRight, you can track progress and report on your results, so you can spot knowledge gaps and address them.
Person tracking progress on a mobile device

Tracking Individual Users

See what courses a user is enrolled in and which they have completed
Download transcripts of each course a user undertakes
View each user’s certificates
Download an activity log of everything each user does within the platform

Tracking Individual Courses

See all enrolled users in a course or journey
See which users have completed a course or journey
Review feedback on individual courses or journeys
See which courses or journeys are most popular

Portal Management

Customise your LearnRight dashboard to include quick links to the portal management tasks you need like system settings, branding settings, and monetisation data.
Customised dashboard with quick links for portal management tasks in LearnRight LMS

Admin Management

Handy dashboard that gives quick stats like new monthly users, total users, active monthly users, and active courses
Charted analytics tracking and recent purchases table
Quick links and icons
Customisable system settings like organisation details
Customisable monetisation and branding settings
Customised notifications
Enable add-ons to your portal

User Management

Manage user roles, group permissions, and personalised profiles from an intuitive dashboard, and connect them all within a user directory. You’ll also find analytics on users and their tracked activity so you’ll know whether learners are on track to meet their learning goals.
User Management dashboard for LearnRight LMS

User Management

Assign customisable groups and roles to each user
Manage permissions for groups and roles
Manually enrol individual learners in a course or journey
Automatically enrol learners based on their user group or portal
Allow self-enrolment via a form
Personalised landing pages for each user role
Admins can approve new users or all users can be approved automatically
Batch uploads via CSV files
Create groups with public or private access
Assign groups “hidden” or “visible” status
Send a welcome email to new users

Custom Branding

Strip back the LearnRight branding and replace it with your company’s logos, fonts, and colours throughout your learning environment so that learners are immersed in your brand.
Use your logo for login screen, navigation, printing, and favicon
Customise buttons, fonts, certificates, and more throughout the interface with brand colours and fonts
Tailor your banner images on courses, navigation pages, and website pages
Custom login screen for laptop and mobile
Ability to have multiple custom portals with different branding


Build a library of documents, graphics, and video files in a secure drive. You can control user permissions, so file access is given to the users who need it, and you can gate access based on payment or user role.
Secure file storage and sharing for learners and trainers.
Secure file storage
File organisation and access control by category
Public or private access controls, and allow comments
Control which file types are uploaded
Only users with specific permissions have access to certain files or drives
File tagging and filtering
Tag users in posts and comments


Training is more powerful when your learners share, question, and poll. Facilitate a learning community with our forum, messaging features, marketing emails, and searchable directory. Maintain control of permissions and comments, and assign users to groups as needed.


  • Organise rooms by categories and control access by user groups
  • Moderate and comments posts
  • Allow posting in rich text and add files and images
  • Users are notified about new posts and can be tagged in posts and comments
  • Run polls among your forum users
  • Offer real-time direct messaging between users, and allow who has access to messages
LearnRight forum interface with multiple discussion categories


  • Searchable user directory
  • Build your own user network by creating user connections
  • Control access to users by role
  • Sorting and filters for user profiles
  • View directory by groups and apply to join a group
Searchable user directory with sorting and filters for user profile

Marketing Emails

  • Easy-to-design marketing emails using a WYSIWYG editor and a customisable subject line and date/time of sending
  • Track sent emails by open rate, date and time sent, and list of recipients
  • Send marketing emails from a selected user role and to a tailored recipients list


  • Direct real-time messaging between users
  • Control access to messaging
  • Easy links to files in drive, news articles, forum posts, etc
  • Notifications of new messages
  • Contact management
Two people messaging each other on LearnRight


  • News and articles displayed in an in-app blog, with auto-email options every time you post
Stay up-to-date with LearnRight's blog for news and insights


Generate revenue from your courses with easy payments, VAT and sales tax processing, course bundling, and gating options that suit your monetisation goals.
Stripe integration which allows you to accept major credit/debit cards
Multi-currency payments, currently supporting major currencies but adaptable to more
VAT / sales tax handling
Cart & checkout pages
Course bundles that correspond to learner journeys
Automatically renewed subscriptions in which plans can be sold as one time, monthly or annually for groups, courses, journeys or portals
Monetisation by portal, groups, or individual courses
Billing frequency can be one-time or recurring on a monthly or annual basis
Bulk purchasing
Promo codes / coupons
Receipts generated for purchases
Process refunds quickly and easily
Retry, cancel, pause, or resume user payments
Increase order value with upselling suggestions during checkout
Single-page checkout removes barriers to purchase
Generate sales reports for accounting


Seamlessly transition users between your company website with widgets, branding, and monetisation options that make the learning experience frictionless.


LearnRight is a tailored approach to LMS software, so you can integrate with any systems you require.
We currently integrate with these (to name a few):

Website and Widgets

  • Integrate with any CMS or website including popular systems like Shopify, WordPress and Joomla
  • Branding to match your website using your colours and logo
  • Widgets that sit on your company website to allow users to purchase a course, access a portal, or join a journey via a sales website
  • Search for courses, journeys, or groups by keyword
  • Generate pages for course descriptions, journey descriptions, group descriptions, or a sign-up fee
  • A website that employes SEO features to drive traffic to your company site
  • Multi-currency for monetisation across borders
  • Multi-currency for monetisation across borders
Integrate LearnRight with any CMS or website


Safety and privacy are paramount, and we keep your user data under tight lock and key. With robust data encryption and sound software design, you can trust LearnRight with sensitive user and compliance information.
Secure Data Encryption
256-bit TLS encryption and AES-256 encryption
Robust, multi-tier architecture and annual penetration testing
Privacy policies and security policies for your users
Annual security awareness training for all staff
Background checks on all employees
Confidentiality agreements in place with all staff
99.99% uptime powered by DigitalOcean servers
Strong passwords
Anti-spam and anti-virus software
IP Blocker
2FA (email) for non learners


We offer the best support of any learning management system, bar none. You won’t be abandoned after software is installed – you’ll be offered assistance, consultation, and support every step of the way.
LearnRight support team providing assistance and consultation to customers.
Onboarding specialist who will assist you with every aspect of implementation
Continued support whenever it’s required, even after implementation is completed
24/7 live chat, email & telephone support
Migration assistance and an assistance tool
How-to training videos