How to future-proof your business with online learning

How to future-proof your business with online learning

In the daily grind of running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of your company’s future.

Sure, you dream of the day you can retire, your self-made empire humming smoothly along as you watch its success with aloof pride, sipping something tropical on a private beach.
But proactive planning for a future-proof business is different from idle daydreams.

While unpredictable external forces like war and pandemics may rock your company’s stability, you can take steps to shore up the business you’ve built with investments in solid corporate processes like ongoing staff education.

Thorough and thoughtful employee training from their first day on the job is a smart way to future-proof your business, building an educated, loyal staff who are more likely to stay with your company, even in hard times.

Here’s how online learning through a learning management system (LMS) helps you future-proof your company.

Make a forward-thinking investment in well-trained staff

When you purchase a learning management system, you’re fundamentally shifting how your company views employee training and continuing education.

Instead of seeing employee training as a once-off chore to be completed and then forgotten, investing in an LMS means you view development programs as an ongoing commitment to education and learning for your staff.

This future-proofs your company by ensuring your valued staff stay with your company longer.

Companies that view workplace training programs as essential to their corporate culture are up to 24% more profitable.

Unlike companies that toss their employees into a work day with little to no workplace training, the more profitable businesses give their employees the tools they need to be successful.

When you train your staff better, they’ll stay longer and work harder for your company. Your team is more productive when they know how to do their jobs, improving your profits with higher yields.

Plus, you won’t waste money hiring, firing, and hiring again a constant stream of costly replacement staff. By one estimation, businesses in the US spend $1 trillion replacing employees.

Instead, you’ll be able to grow your current staff into tomorrow’s company leadership, a far more valuable asset than the constantly-rotating roster of new hires.

Keep employee skills sharp and competitive

Using an LMS allows you to offer continuing education as your industry’s standards and practices evolve.

Your staff won’t be stuck with outdated training or information. With constant access to training materials, they can educate themselves on your business’s latest products and processes.

Competent employees trained in the latest industry skills feel confident in their roles, and that, in turn, generates customer confidence.

Your clients will become more loyal to your company when they know your staff are highly-trained and knowledgeable.

No matter what changes in your industry, your staff can evolve with the trends, promoting customer loyalty and a reputation as a forward-thinking company.

Release working hours from new employee training

As a business owner, you probably face a daily scalability problem: you are one person, and you only have a limited number of hours in your day.

Whether you personally train your staff or you rely on more senior employees to do it, employee education takes a bite out of available working hours.

But online learning for your employees unlocks those hours and restores them to peak productivity.

Using an LMS to train your employees ensures that staff training never subtracts productive hours from your workday.

Instead, new employees will receive the training they need to do their jobs well with little intervention from you or senior staff.

Once online learning becomes an accepted part of your company process, you will have reclaimed working hours for every new staff member who joins the business in the future.

Ensure proper training is always available

Employee training is essential to building a profitable company that retains its most productive employees.

Using a learning management system takes access to proper training materials one step further by making education available to all employees, wherever they may be located.

Even small businesses are beginning to understand how they can access a worldwide talent pool by allowing their employees to work remotely.

But retaining that talent, who may feel less connected to a company they’ve never visited, requires more effort and innovation.

You can hire global talent and retain them with access to training and community building across time zones and locations with an LMS.

Ongoing education opportunities are available to staff in every location, and staff can choose to complete their courses at a convenient time.

They can also connect with one another via the LMS’s online community, where they can ask questions and bond over shared learning challenges.

Far from losing control of employee training, business owners can monitor the progress of every learner with quizzes, tests, and reports.

Using a learning management system for employee training means choosing longevity for your business. It’s an investment that grows a highly-skilled, loyal staff with global reach.

And amazingly, online courses are an investment that’s available to any business, no matter how small or how local.

Book a free demo today, and we’ll help you explore how a learning management system can help future-proof your company. Tropical drinks optional.

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