How to improve corporate culture with online courses

How to improve corporate culture with online courses

If you want to hire and retain the best employees, you need to start by prioritising a positive company culture.

Top talent can be choosy, and they don’t choose where to work based on salary alone. Online jobs board reports that company culture is a major factor in determining where the most talented candidates decide to work.

Corporate culture is essential for keeping your employees happy, too. Replacing your workforce is expensive. By some estimates, it costs between 33% and 200% of an employee’s yearly salary to replace them.

Keeping employees satisfied in their roles and your company is the more innovative and fiscally responsible strategy. And you can support that strategy with online courses that elevate your company culture.

Online courses can improve corporate culture

Using a learning management system (LMS), you can offer online courses that elevate your company culture.

An LMS allows you to standardise the courses you offer across your business locations. It creates a central learning hub that houses the answers to training and onboarding questions and provides opportunities for further education.

Prioritise a safer, more inclusive corporate culture

A corporate culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion is a top priority for young talent. Younger generations of workers expect a company that is a safe place to ask questions and stoke discussion.

With an LMS, you can offer online classes to the entire company on topics that matter to your employees, like diversity and inclusion. You can also quickly build the courses into your onboarding training, so employees understand your company’s values from the beginning.

Online courses can improve physical safety, too. Safety standards and regulations are intense if you’re in an industry like construction or manufacturing.

You need to deliver compulsory training, record your employees’ training results, and report on your training metrics in the event of an audit. An LMS lets you do just that.

Create opportunities for career growth

An essential part of any company culture is creating opportunities for career growth. If your employees see a path for advancement, they’re more likely to stay with your company and work towards those in-house goals.

You can map a route to career advancement with online courses that support skills development in your workforce.

Your employees will see the skills they need to acquire to move themselves up the career ladder, and they’ll see a company culture that prioritises their careers.

When you show employees how they can advance their careers and then empower them with the tools to do so via online courses, you tell them you value them and want them to make a long-term career at your company.

Gamification builds friendly, fun competition

A positive corporate culture should include an element of fun. When you offer online courses, you create an opportunity to gamify training.

An LMS lets you add points, certificates, and rewards to course assignments, quizzes, tests, and completion. You can group your learners into teams to encourage team building within departments. Or stoke cross-department cooperation by mixing up your learning groups.

Rally employees behind your company values

Online courses are an effective way to share your company values with your employees. Using an LMS, you can offer skills training that supports your core values. That means your employees can start to understand your corporate values and reflect them in their job roles.

An LMS lets you make skills development and core values training global. That way, your entire team is in sync with your company values, regardless of their role at the company or office location.

Online courses let you facilitate the kind of community building that was once only possible with physical proximity. Now, you can share your core values at the global level, fostering lock-step prioritisation of the company values you hold dear.

Build a buzzing online community

You can create an online learning community when you deliver online courses via an LMS. A good LMS will allow you to build message boards, chat rooms, and other avenues for communication that are infinitely customisable at the learner, group, and course levels.

When you gather your employees to learn, you create powerful connections. Communication is the most crucial element of a healthy company culture, and you can facilitate discourse and discussion within a learning environment that supports your company goals.

Use an LMS to elevate your corporate culture

A learning management system is essential to offering company culture-boosting online courses. Within an LMS, you can:

  • Create online courses with ease
  • Import learners and refine their learning journeys
  • Manage users, roles, and permissions
  • Monitor learners’ progress
  • Report on your learning results

Changing a corporate culture takes effort. A tool that meets your skills development, compliance training, and onboarding goals and improves your company culture is priceless.

An LMS solves training and development at your company while offering opportunities for growth, community building, and fun.

You can find out if LearnRight is a good fit for fostering a healthy corporate culture by taking it for a spin. Schedule a tour with our team, and we’ll give you a free LearnRight instance so you can take it for a test drive.

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