How to sell an online course

How To Sell An Online Course

The profitability of your course relies on how well you promote (and sell!) your online course to your target audience.

To do this you’re going to have to come up with a strategy that will get your course noticed by potential learners.

Here are four ways you can sell your course online and get the attention you need to attract more learners to your course.

Create valuable content to promote your course

Before you start writing some incredibly compelling and valuable website content to promote your course, you should carefully identify your audience.

Get the right image in your head of who your target customers are for your course.

Are they already customers of yours? Or are you targeting a group of people within your niche?

Why do they need to learn what you have to offer? Will your course help them advance in their careers or learn an essential skill?

People will always pay more for a course if they can clearly see how it can benefit them so make sure you highlight this in your content. If your course has value to them and helps them achieve their goals then they’ll be more inclined to sign up.

Make sure you have your audience identified before you start creating the content for promoting your course. This will make sure that you have everything in place to target them specifically.
Write compelling content to attract people to your course
Now it’s time to write content that will attract clients to your course and get them to sign up.

Your content can include blog posts, guest articles, eBooks, social media ads, or even an email series.

Make sure that your content clearly shows, not tells, your target audience why they need to study your course.

Your content should:

• List learning objectives and outcomes
• Be interesting and valuable
• Be essential and memorable
• Be split into sections to easily read
• Include paragraphs and bullet points
• Have multimedia like images and graphs
• Provide them with information that they want to learn about
• Lead them into joining your course

Content marketing is an important part of selling online. 60% of the most effective companies have a documented content strategy so make sure you have yours planned out and ready to go.

Differentiate your offer

When trying to sell your online course you should try to differentiate yourself as best you can from other courses in your niche.

By specific with what you’re offering and show your potential students why you’re the right choice to go with over your competitors.

Think about what makes your course different from the others in your industry and use this to your advantage.

Are you targeting a specific demographic? If you are then using titles that appeal to them will help you encourage them to sign up.

Improve your online presence

Having a dedicated website is an absolute must when marketing your online course.

Make sure your website is full of all the information your potential learners need to know about your course.

Write blogs about topics relevant to your niche and include keywords and phrases naturally in them so you’re more likely to appear high on the search engine results page.

Build up a social media presence and engage with your audience regularly on there. Don’t forget to post relevant content on your social media to show that you can provide your audience with valuable information.

You should also encourage your students to leave positive reviews about your course after they’ve completed it. This will show potential students that your course helps people and it might be the final push that gets a user to convert. 77% of customers have a more favourable view of companies that ask for and accept customer feedback.

Use a sales funnel

One of the best ways to start selling your course effectively online is by using a sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

It’s a multi-step process that helps turn your visitors into students. It helps convince your audience to enrol in your course.

Sales funnels work by taking your visitors through four simple steps. By the end of the sales funnel, they’ve converted and joined your course.

The sales funnel includes four steps:

1. Awareness
2. Interest
3. Decision
4. Action

You can find out more about the sales funnel by downloading our Quick Guide To Selling Courses Online.

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