Create your own online space for your people

One thing you can do to help ensure your learners keep coming back for more is by setting up a fun online community where they can chat with fellow students or employees.

Being able to discuss common challenges and figuring out ways to overcome them in a community is a great feeling and your people will appreciate you giving them this opportunity.

Online education that meets students where they are

Keep your members happy with an online community from LearnRight

Build an online community that scales with you from 5 members to 5000.

Make your online community exclusive to your learners to communicate with their peers.

Give your customers access to the online community whenever they like from wherever they are.

Let your learners access the same materials and training from your online portal.

LearnRight is easy to update with the latest changes to your business so your online community can work well for your individual needs.

Keep track of what your learners are doing in the online community with built-in reporting tools.

Improve interactivity with your members by giving them the opportunity to start conversations, ask questions and share solutions within LearnRight.

LearnRight customer training icon Build an online community at competitive price points, LearnRight is a cost-effective solution for your company’s needs.