The importance of online compliance training in a fast-paced society

The importance of online compliance training in a fast-paced society

Technological advances constantly push corporations forward, meaning compliance with new methods and tools is relentless and ever-shifting.

Funny enough, the answer to keeping pace with technological advances that are pushing industry change forward is: more technology!

Online compliance training using a learning management system allows companies to roll out new compliance training materials to all employees simultaneously, no matter their location, and monitor and report on their progress with one intuitive software.

We’ll explore how learning management systems facilitate seamless compliance training, allowing companies to offer employee compliance training on pace with industry changes.

What is compliance training?

Compliance training is any corporate training required by law for all employees. It educates employees on the regulations and policies that affect their job role and industry.

Compliance training is usually intended to make work safer, more respectful, and more humane for employees. 

Companies are obligated by law to ensure all employees have received the relevant compliance training, and they’re also required to keep a record of employee participation and completion.

While it’s often viewed as a chore by companies, thoughtful compliance training is an opportunity to show your employees that their safety, productivity, and dignity matter to your company.

Update compliance training materials in a flash

Keeping up with changes in compliance training can be demanding. Some companies dedicate considerable HR hours to simply tracking and implementing compliance training changes.

When you use a learning management system (LMS) for compliance training, it’s fast and straightforward to make changes to your training materials. All compliance training materials can be updated at once, ensuring your employees have access to the latest versions containing the correct information. 

With user roles and permissions defined, you can be sure that only a few employees are allowed to change training materials so that no unapproved versions end up circulating by accident.

After implementing your changes, you can send notifications to all your employees via the LMS, so you have a reliable record of their receiving the updated information.

Standardise compliance training across all locations

Hybrid working has shifted processes for companies in almost all industries. While offering hybrid working can be a compelling soft benefit that helps attract and retain stellar staff, it can make compliance training a headache.

But using a learning management system to offer online compliance training allows your company to ensure all employees have received full compliance training no matter their location.

You’ll be able to monitor their progress from any location, so you’ll know that they’ve completed their required training and have a record of it within the LMS.

Keep up with compliance training deadlines

Compliance training in certain industries is updated almost monthly. Every time there’s an update, it’s up to you to ensure your employees have access to the newest information by the deadline.

You can set deadlines for employee training within an LMS, so you’ll know who has completed their training and who is nearing the deadline without completion.

Manage compliance training reports and records

Quizzes, tests, records, and reports are all safely housed within an LMS. And they’re not kept locally on one employee’s computer.

An LMS is cloud-based, so your entire HR team can view reports and records from any location. No matter who leaves the team, your compliance training records are never lost or misplaced.

An LMS also allows you to fine-tune user roles and permissions, so you can decide who is permitted to view certain documents and who is responsible for updating training materials.

Integrate compliance training with job training for a better corporate culture

Automating your compliance training with an LMS allows you to couple it with job training and upskilling, effectively making compliance training as valuable as role training in your employees’ eyes.

When compliance training becomes integrated with job training, it lets employees know that compliance is an essential part of doing their job. Employees will understand that safe and respectful protocols are expected in their role, creating a healthy corporate culture.

Tour an LMS to explore its role in compliance training

The best way to judge whether a learning management system could facilitate compliance training for your company is to tour an LMS.

That way, you can see firsthand how easy it is to create compliance training materials from existing resources, monitor your learners’ progress as they undertake training, and report and record their outcomes.

We’d be happy to give you a tour of LearnRight. You can ask dedicated specialists about onboarding, course creation, reporting, and more. Request a free demo today and explore how an LMS can simplify compliance training in your company.

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